Frequently Asked Questions

PitchVantage is the first technology that extends presentation training beyond the workshop improving training continuity and increasing ROI. Real-time personalized feedback helps users increase skill retention. For the first time ever, trainers have the ability to continually assess and monitor trainee’s performance on the cloud.
PitchVantage can bring continuity to your organization’s presentation training program, improving engagement, skill retention, and assessment.
PitchVantage is for any organization that wants to increase user engagement and make the trainer’s lives easier through the use of technology. The PitchVantage platform gives users and trainers unparalleled tools to increase skill retention and training ROI.
PitchVantage captures your voice and our proprietary engine analyzes 9 elements including your pitch, pace, volume, pauses and engagement. Our model then compares your scores to benchmarks for great public speaking. You review the replay of your video to identify filler words, sub-optimal movements and gestures.
An intuitive user interface and straight forward data visualization means anyone can use PitchVantage to become a better presenter.
PitchVantage is designed to work on laptops with integrated webcams to capture video recording. A headset with a microphone is required to capture clear sound. You can find the minimum hardware requirements here;
Yes. The in-built microphones will not capture your voice clearly and captures too much ambient noise.
The in-built microphones can not eliminate ambient noise. Please use a headset for best results.
Our cloud assessment and analytics platform allows us to support thousands of users. L&D administrators and professors can easily distribute licenses and track results through their accounts on
Continuity is extremely important to improving presentation skills. This is why we recommend users to practice and learn with PitchVantage for at least 6 months.
The assessment and analytics platform for trainers and administrators is on the cloud and can be accessed through any computer with an internet connection. The PitchVantage software for users is a downloadable file.
It takes no time at all. Once you have your license you can be using the software right away.
Yes, if you are a user/trainee. You will download and install the PitchVantage software on your laptop.
Our content was developed by public speaking experts.
Your video and sound files NEVER leave your computer. The only thing that goes to the cloud are your performance scores.
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