Job Opening for Financial Analyst

Job title: Financial Analyst

Job duties:

  • Providing cost information, product pricing, and analytical results on customer acquisition costs and revenue generation.
  • Conducting financial analysis on the company’s revenues and costs; preparing financial reporting, financial statements analysis and cash flow analysis.
  • Calculating and formulating comprehensive pricing plans on software products.
  • Preparing financial projections; consolidating actual performance vs. forecasted performance.
  • revising the periodic budgeting and analysis of the annual forecasting.
  • Maintaining accounting and financial records to document financial activities and for cost and profit analysis.
  • Utilizing financial reporting systems and data to analyze and support managerial decisions.
  • Conducting pro forma financial analysis and break-even analysis for R&D efforts.

Job requirement: Master’s degree in finance or closely related field

Resume to: PitchVantage LLC, 236 S. Scott Ave, Suite 130, Tucson, AZ85701, Attn: HR